Hyderabad in HDR(High Dynamic Range)

I like HDR images very much. When i was new to photography i was wondering when i see a HDR photo, dat how to take photos like that, after photography became my passion, i started exploring HDR photography and came to know how make a stunning HDRs and i thought like sharing with you all....!

Here is small introduction how to make HDR photos :

You need to have photos of the same subject but the photos should have taken with different exposures, may be you can call this as EXPOSURE BRACKETING. This bracketing option will be there in most DSLRs and luckily my gear Canon 550D has this option. So after taking lets suppose three photos one with normal exposure , one with lower exposure and the other with the Higher exposure, You need a software to merge all these into a single HDR photo. personally i like PhotoMatrix pro software.

This post will be dedicated for all of my HDR photos....!

View from top of the Charminar
Kachiguda Railway station :)
Sky and the shed lights.
Taramati Baradari
Public gardens, Hyderabad