Colva Beach, Goa, India

Colva beach of Goa is very famous for its tranquillity. Its not very crowded unlike other famous beaches of Goa.If you are a nature lover and like to spend time peacefully walking along the sea shore then covla beach is the perfect place.Also the sand in Goa is very fine and smooth that forces you to walk on bear foot. It is also one of the longest beaches in the world(24km apprx).

Location: It is located in south Goa and is about 8km from Margao railway station, 40km from Panaji, capital of Goa. 

Attractions: First is the nature by which you ll be mesmerised in the evening time and in the early mornings.There are many beach sports you can participate and all of them are really adventures and fun guaranteed.
A few of the water games that can be mentioned are
1) Bike ride 2) banana ride  3) paragliding ( all games i mentioned here are in sea water only ).
Apart from these, you also can plan many events if you are going in a big group.

Accommodation: You can find many resorts or lodges depending on your budget.

Time to visit: Best time to visit is from October to June.
Hotels: There are number of hotels just near the beach only.

Personal Experience :

We have planned to Goa as a Bachelor's party of our MCA classmates. And i only have planned to stay in the colva beach for our two day trip. So we have booked GTDC owned colva Residency which is very affordable considering the area and amenities. Its rent is Rs1375 per two adults and 20% extra for every extra person.

The Colva resort is just beside the beach and is walkable. We have spent one evening completely in the beach and tried all the games i mentioned above. Each one is a different experience but only thing common is, everytime i was afraid of water before going inside sea, but after coming out, that feeling is really awesome and fun.

We had a good food there, having all the varieties and i like biriyanis specially.The drink lovers can sit and drink anywhere and anytime.There is no one to question you, thats the advantage of GOA.

There are number of shops to do shopping also, mostly for ladies and I did a lot of shopping.

So happy visiting....!

Below are the few photos clicked by me....!

Please feel free to give feedback to improve further...!

Couple having a walk on the beach side

Sky diving

View of Covla Beach

View of Covla Beach

One more couple walking

Lady enjoying the beach sitting lonely

View of beach

Fisher boys in Covla Beach

No explanation needed

Entrance into the beach

This is the resort where we  stayed

View of Covla beach

View of Covla beach in the early morning

Covla beach in the morning

Sun set at Covla beach

Sun set at Covla Beach

All photos are clicked by Ganesh , Myself


The Narcissist said…
The Beach sure is very beautiful :)
Ganesh Reddy said…
Thank you... Narcissist :) ya u r right